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Our youth ministry exists to assist parents in imparting the truth of God's word to the next generation. We strongly believe in a home-centered church supported model of ministry where the bible is discussed in the home and becomes memorable and fun. We long to see our young people fall in love with the God of the bible, and want to equip our parents to be the awesome truth givers to their children.  

Youth Basketball

Ministry Leaders:

David Navarro, Craig Sippell

Our Vision:

To build relationships and make disciples among the young men in our community by providing a place to play basketball each week and an opportunity to hear truths about God.

Team Prayer Requests:

That we would have deeper friendships with the guys

That guys would see Jesus as both their rescuer and one who is relevant to their lives and the challenges they face

That the church would really come alongside these guys to demonstrate deep and genuine love and care

Volunteer Details:

We would love your involvement! We’re looking for people who are decent-to-good at basketball and who have a desire to build friendships, share the gospel and make disciples. Volunteers should be at least 18.

12534 Holly Rd

Grand Blanc, MI

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Ph: 810 694-9351