Children Ministries         Kindergarten - Grade 3

Our children's Ministry exists to assist parents in imparting the truth of God's word to the next generation. We strongly believe in a home-centered, church supported, model of ministry where the bible is discussed in the home and becomes memorable and fun. We long to see our young people fall in love with the God of the bible. and want to equip our parents to be the awesome truth givers to their children.

Sunday Education hour

At Faith, we are dedicated to teaching the whole family the Word of God and helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus! Bible events come alive in faith-building experiences each Sunday at 9:30 am. Each class is held in the school classroom section of the building, we'd love to have everyone join us in the study of God's Word.  

Our Sunday School programs focus on biblical literacy, helping kids learn about God’s plan of salvation as it unfolds in the Old Testament, in the life and ministry of Jesus, and the growth of the early church as recorded in the Gospel and Acts.  Students cover the entire Bible in three years.

Wednesday night alive

Wednesday Night Alive is when our Faith family comes to life, and are fed, 3 ways:

- Meal time 5:30-6 (Fed with a meal.)

- Bible Study 6-7 (Fed by the Word of God.)

- Worship 7-8 (Fed with The Lord's Supper)

Nursery is available for Infants through 3 years of age.

Wednesdays - 6-7 (During the education hour)

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