WHETHER YOU'RE YOUNG, OLD, MALE, FEMALE, MARRIED OR SINGLE, WE HAVE WAYS FOR YOU TO CONNECT TO others in the FAMILY OF fAITH!  Just check out a few of the interesting groups below.

Tables for 8

What is it?

Tables For 8 is a short-term group opportunity to enjoy people around us and to get to know our church family better.  Singles and couples of all ages are welcome,

How does it work?

Sign up here!  You'll then be grouped with other families! From this group of four families the lead host will contact all the other members to decide the date and time of your first gathering.  At this first gathering the group then decides who will host the following month.

What Each Month's Host Does

You are not requred to hot a meal at your home or cook to participate.  IF you can't or don't like to cook, consider something store-bought (Pizza?), decide on a potluck, or you may all agree to meet at a restaurant (going Dutch!).  If you don't have the space for such a group, consider a local free community room, picnic area at a local park, or perhaps meet at the church (the office staff must be consulted for permission and availability).  Also, you don't have to meet for just dinner - breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert and coffee works too!


Childcare will be decided by the host and parents.  Ideas: Perhaps children can play or watch TV in another room, a shared babysitter can serve multiple parents  - possibly teen children of other group members would be willing to babysit young children at the parent's home or parents may need to find their own babysitter.

When Will We Start?

Sign-ups will start in February/March and groups will be formed as sign-ups occur.  Please sign up no later than Sunday, March 8th so groups can be formed and contacted in late March.


Feel free to contact Joel Zander or Lisa Priestap.


This faith-based men's group provides guys of every age an opportunity to serve the Lord and others.  Men of Faith hosts the monthly Pancake Breakfast on the second Sunday of every month and the annual Christmas Dance. Other activities include a yearly picnic, service projects, etc.  

Contact Mike Bilbey at mbilbey1@yahoo.com for more information.

women of faith

Women of Faith ministries provide women of every age opportunities to grow spiritually, while sharing our time in Christian fellowship, supporting each other, and serving Christ faithfully in church, community and the world. We sponsor many niche ministries at Faith, and offer several activities each year. For more info, contact the church office.


Mops (MOthers of Preschoolers)

Mops is a faith-based group of women that strives to provide an open, caring, and accepting atmosphere for today's mothers of preschoolers to grow and share their experiences with one another. Meets every other Friday during the school year, 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.  Contact the church office

young at heart

This group is especially geared to those 55 or older.  Meets the fourth Monday of the month in Heins Fellowship Hall.  Come and listen to the scheduled speaker or discussion, enjoy a delicious potluck lunch and join in the friendly conversation.  Contact Pastor Joe Cottam at ncjc69@att.net for more information. 

family game night!

Do you enjoy board games, laughter, and snacks? (Who doesn't, right?) If so, then this group is for you! Meets in Heins Hall the third Friday of the month (usually).  Bring a snack to share (chips, dips, veggies, pastries, etc.)  You can also bring your favorite board game, or use one of the many games on-hand.  Watch the "Faith Walk" and "What's Happening" newsletters for the next event.  For more info, contact Bruce Trevithick at btrevithick@netzero.com

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