Confirmation is not just an academic process or a requirement for membership in God’s Kingdom. It’s about forming Christ-followers. Confirmation at Faith Lutheran Church is a carefully designed program - one that is intended to bring youth to a closer understanding of God's Word, their Savior Jesus Christ, and the Church as a whole.



7th and 8th grade students will through faithful worship and study, class participation, engagement with core concepts, as well as encouragement from pastors, leaders, parents, and peers become more familiar with Lutheran teaching and understanding of Scripture and be able to articulate their faith in Christ.


Regular Worship Attendance

Sermon notes

Memorization of the “Six Chief Parts”

• The Ten Commandments

1st Commandment

2nd Commandment

3rd Commandment

4th Commandment

5th Commandment

6th Commandment

7th Commandment

8th Commandment

9th Commandment

10th Commandment

• The Creed

I believe in God the FATHER

I believe in God the SON

I Believe in God the HOLY SPIRIT

• The Lord’s Prayer (intro)

1st petition

2nd petition

3rd petition

4th petition

5th petition

6th petition

7th petiton

• The Sacrament of Holy Baptism (What is it?) (What is it good for?)

• Confession/Absolution (video) Office of the Keys

• The Sacrament of the Altar (Holy Communion) 

(What is it?)  (Who is worthy?)  

When all requirements have been met, students will design a ‘statement of faith’ in which they not only demonstrate their knowledge of Lutheran doctrine, but apply it to their own lives.


A yearly payment of $60 per family covers retreats and class materials including: 

  • The Lutheran Service Book
  • Luther’s Small Catechism
  • The Bible* (bring your own - English Standard Version recommended)
  • Syllabus


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